Weaver Hoist/Leaver

SKU: Hoist/Leaver

The next step in the Weaver Snap Davit System is now ready for your boat. The Weaver Hoist/Leaver system will allow you to pick up your dinghy and motor at the same time using our foot operated hydraulic hoist. Picking from the Leaver bracket that your dinghy motor is attached to, the dinghy and motor are brought into the vertical position. The hoist remains hooked up to the dinghy/motor and will pick up to 400 pounds that's dinghy, motor & accessories combined together. You will need the Heavy Duty Davit System (NOT INCLUDED see below) and at least one stand-off bracket at the bow of inflatable for stabilization.

 We will need the work sheets filled out before we can ship. We need to know what side of your yacht you are going to mount the Weaver Hoist (port or starboard), please select one below.

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