Have you been Weaverized?

weaver labIt was the early 1980's when Bob and Virginia Weaver turned the boating industry upside down with the invention of the revolutionary Weaver Snap Davit the SD1. More than one boater had taken an unexpected swim while getting in or out of their dinghy. The SD1 changed all of that.

The Weaver design allowed boaters to attached davits to special hooks mounted on the swim platform. Weaver Snap Davits made it possible for boaters to enter and exit their dinghy safely and combined with Weaver Stand Off's, dinghies could now be mounted securely on the back of boats.

As the popularity of inflatable dinghies grew the need for a davit that worked also grew. Based on the success of the SD1, boaters turned to Bob Weaver for a solution. The result was the RBD100.

Today, Weaver Industries is the world leader in manufacturing of products for dinghies. Other popular Weaver products include; the Weaver Leaver, Ultramount, Universal Dinghy Chocks, Stand Off's, Weaver Fishing Pole Holder, and Inflatable Boat Parts.

From our humble beginning in the early 80's, Weaver Industries has recently moved into a modern, spacious manufacturing plant in Rathdrum, Idaho. "Due to a high demand for Weaver products, we found it necessary to expand our plant", stated Bob Weaver. He continued by saying, "we now have a fully equipped research and development department where we can concentrate and develop new products to make boating safer and more fun.