Weaver Front Arc Davit System

Type of Dinghy
(A) length of Dinghy
(B) Width of Inside Floor
(C) Width of Tube
(D) Tube Height
(E) From Top of Tubes to Floor
(F) Width of Dinghy
(G) Inside Tube to inside Tube
(H) How many inches is the swim platform to the top of the tube?(Check the box below on what it is.)
  Inches Above Tubes /each (one per item)
  Inches Below Tubes /each (one per item)
  Level to Tubes /each (one per item)

New from Weaver's

This is the complete davit hook up allowing you to attach a 10' to 12' inflatable dinghy to the swim platform. Only for hard bottom dinghies. It includes the Front Arc, 2 davit heads, and the Transom Arc (select the Transom Arc that you need for your dinghy).

Recommended total weight of 300 pound of the dinghy.